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FENC History
  • In February, FENC, through its subsidiary “Far Eastern Investment (H) Ltd.” acquired Mossi & Ghisolfi’s (M&G) assets of PET plant in West Virginia and R&D center in Ohio, USA.
  • In May, FENC won the “CSR Annual Survey – Grand Prize in the Traditional Industrial Group” of the 14th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Award by Global Views Magazine.
  • In April, FENC was in the top 5% of the listed companies in the third “Corporate Governance Evaluation” conducted by Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • In May, FENC won the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” as the Role Model in the manufacturing industry category from Global View Magazine.
  •  In November, FENC was included as a constituent of the MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes and assessed of MSCI ESG Rating – Industrial Conglomerates: A.
  • In February, DynaFeed, a FENC revolutionary smart garment system with bio-sensing technology and IoT platform, was awarded the ISPO Asian Gold Winner at the globally prestigious ISPO Textrends Exhibition.
  • In May, FENC won the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award”, ranking first in the manufacturing industry category from Global View Magazine due to conserving energy and protecting the environment.
  • In June, FENC won Enterprise Asia’s “2016 Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Award” in the category of green leadership for developing the world’s first Bio-PET bottle.
  • In November, FENC received three “2016 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards”, held by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, including the “CSR Report of the Year”, “Corporate Sustainability Award” as well as “Growth through Innovation Award”(for the smart clothing in remote health care project)
  • In December, FENC earned the 13th “National Innovation Award” in Taiwan in developing the 100% bio-PET polyester shirt. The 100% bio-PET polyester shirt made entirely from plant-based material, which reduces the carbon footprints by 30% compared to the petrochemical based one, was developed by FE Group R&D Center.
  • In April, FENC was awarded the highest “A++” ranking in the 12th Annual Information Disclosure and Transparency Rankings Evaluation among Listed Companies.
  • In June, FENC, through its subsidiary “Far Eastern Investment (H) Ltd.”, has established Far Eastern Polytex (Vietnam) Ltd. for a new vertically integrated polyester and textiles production base.
  • In November, FENC won a Gold Award from Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) in “Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Awards,” ranking first in the Traditional Manufacturing category and also received the “Growth Through Innovation Award” in “Corporate Sustainable Performances” category for developing the world’s first 100% bio-based PET bottle.
  • In April, FENC was awarded the “10th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Awards - Global Views Excellent Service Awards” for the project “The Greenest Bottle, starts with a Genuine Heart”
  • In April, FENC, through its subsidiary “Far Eastern Polychem Industries Ltd.”, has entered into a joint venture with Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.(“IGC”), to establish Far Eastern Ishizuka Green PET Corporation in Japan to conduct R-PET production and distribution business
  • In May, 1st Global Sustainable Procurement (GSP) supplier awards was launched by Coca-Cola and FENC was awarded “2013 Supplier of the Year” out of 900 suppliers.
  • In May, Far Eastern New Century (China) Investment Co., Ltd., the subsidiary of Far Eastern New Century, obtained the right to the use of land through public auction for RMB 978 million(equivalent to NT$ 4.67biilion). The land is located at plot A09B – 02, World Expo Zone, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.
  • In May, FENC issued Formosa and Yen bonds in the Gre Tai Securities Market, successfully being the first manufacturing company in Taiwan to issue bonds denominated in both RMB and Yen.
  • In October, Far EasTone won three 4G frequency bands and is the only operator offering the 20MHZ contiguous spectrum in the telecom industry
  • In May, FENC founded Far Eastern Industries (Yangzhou) Ltd. and Far Eastern Union Petrochemical (Yangzhou) Ltd., via indirect investments and plans to build a new production site for polyester and ethylene glycol.
  • In March, FENC has constructed, operated and sponsored EcoARK, a exhibition hall composed of 100% recycled plastic bottles, at the Taipei International Flora Exposition. This green construction created several firsts in the world and the National Geographic Channel (NGC) produced a documentary “Megastructures EcoARK” on EcoARK as well. The show was broadcasted throughout 168 countries in 34 languages.
  • In April, the first commercial office building of T-Park, TPKA, officially put into operation.
  • In November, FENC and Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company established Far Eastern Yizheng Petrochemical (Yanzhou) Company Ltd. via joint-investmnt.
  • In December, a wholly owned subsidiary of FENC has entered a joint venture with Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited to establish Far Eastern Yihua Petrochemical (Yanzhou) Corporation to conduct purified terephthalic acid (PTA) production.
  • In January, new shares of FENC were listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange.
  • In December, FENC and Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited (YCF) have agreed to form a joint-venture company to construct a green-field purified terepthatic acid (PTA) plant located in the Yangzhou Chemical Industrial Park. Three parties aforesaid signed a “Letter of Intent (LOI)”
  • In April, FETL built a pavilion named “Far Eastern EcoARK” for the International Flora Expo held by the Taipei City Government. Such pavilion built by recycled PET bricks helped promote the awaress of conserving the environment.
  • In October, in the Company’s Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on 13 October 2009, shareholders presented had resolved and approved to rename the company, from Far Eastern Textile Limited (FETL) to Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC), effective on the same date.
  • In March, Sino Belgium Beer (Suzhou) Ltd was established and invested by FETL. The factory was completed in April. In October, a beer "Martens 1758" , manufactured for Belgium Martens beer company, was marketed in Shanghai area.
  • In October, FETL has obtained all shares of "Invista Far Eastern Petrochemicals Ltd."& "Far Eastern Investa Ltd" and renamed them to " Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) Co. Ltd." & " Far Eastern Fibertech Co., Ltd" respectively.
  • In January, Far Eastern Resources Development Co. which is fully owned by FETL proposed a change to the government on the urban development plan from production factory into a telecommunication-related specialized zone combined with a medical service center. The government has already approved such proposal after a three-year evaluation. This land re-zoning plan was officially announced on 23 January 2007.
  • In June, Far Eastern (China) Investment Holding Ltd which is invested by FETL obtained operating license.
  • In July, the long term and short term credit rating of FETL has been rated as "twA+" and "twA-" respectively by Taiwan Rating's Corp for the first time.
  • In February, The public highway electronic toll collection system is officially activated, this system is built by FETL invested company "Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co. Ltd.".
  • In April, Oriental Petrochemical (Shanghai) Corporation which is invested by FETL is announced to production, with PTA annual production capacity of 600 thousand tons to support the synthetic fiber business under Far Eastern group and other producers.
  • In February, a development project " Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park" (T-Park) conducted by FERD was approved by Ministry of Economic Affairs as "national major investment and major public constructions".
  • In April, Far Eastone Telecommunications Ltd which is invested by FETL is passed by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation to become as a public listed company.
  • In October, FETL is awarded by Taiwan CommonWealth Magazine as the number one "The benchmark Enterprise with best reputation" in 2005 survey of benchmark enterprises.
  • In April, FETL invested company "Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co. Ltd." has signed BOT contract with National Freeway Bureau.
  • In October, FETL is awarded by Taiwan CommonWealth Magazine as the number one "The benchmark Enterprise with best reputation" in 2004 survey of benchmark enterprises.
  • In September, Far Eastern Resources Development Company ("FERD") which is 100% owned by FETL was established to transfer the book value of existing property development related businesses to FERD in order to elaborate the related specialty and actively developing the existing land resources.
  • In September, FETL is awarded by Taiwan CommonWealth Magazine as the number one "The benchmark Enterprise with best reputation" in 2003 survey of benchmark enterprises.
  • In May, FETL started the installation of SAP R/3 as the ERP system with PricewaterhorseCoopers. This project will be completed and put on line in early 2003 to help promoting internal processing re-engineering, cost reduction and management of financial information.
  • In, June, permission was received from the Investment Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs for an investment by FETL's wholly-owned subsidiary Yuan Ding Investment Corp. to establish Far Eastern Industries (Wuxi) Ltd.
  • In October, a joint investment by FETL's owned subsidiaries and Far Eastern Department Stores (“FEDS”) was completed to acquaire the controlling interest of the SOGO Depoartment Stores.
  • In March, FETL-invested New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd. (NCIC) launched its variable voice and data services with "速博sparq" as the brand name. Best quality services of NCIC helps customers surf in an era of keen competition and rapid changes.
  • In May, Far EasTone Telecommunications Ltd. (FET), consortium headed by the Far Eastern Group and AT&T plus other members, successfully became a public listed company in Taiwan Stock Exchange in December. FET is the 2nd public listed company of mobile phone services in Taiwan.
  • Far Eastern Polychem Industries Limited (FEPI), the parent company of Far Eastern Industries (Shanghai) Ltd., was successfully listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on January 31. The money raised was used for the expansion of Far Eastern Industries (Shanghai) Ltd. for strengthening its competitiveness.
  • FETL-invested New Century InfoComm Tech Co., Ltd. (NCIC) was awarded one of the three fixed line info-comm licenses in March. This became another big step for FETL in telecommunications business.
  • Mr. Y. Z. Hsu, Far Eastern Group founder, passed away at the age of 90 in December and left behind the most valuable and cherished founding spirit of "Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, and Diligence" as the guiding principles.
  • FETL issued new common shares in October. Along with shares held by Asia Cement and Far Eastern Department Stores, the total number of shares is 14,400,000 and issued for NT$44.5/share as GDR. This issuance not only raised the capital but also directed FETL to the international capital market.
  • The FETL-invested Far Eastern Textile Industrial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.began trial production in September. Since this was the last chemical fiber company to be issued a license by the mainland Chinese authorities,after the plant begins mass production it is expected to become a major source of reinvestment profit for FETL.
  • Production by the ring-spindle machines at Hukou Plant No. 8 began in November, easily absorbing the post-expansion demand for cotton yarn materials by domestic yarn-dyed fabric plants.
  • In January Far EasTone Telecommunications Ltd., which is 62.4% owned by FETL subsidiary Yuan Ding Investment Corp., obtained island-wide DCS and northern-region GSM mobile phone licenses from the Directorate General of Telecommunications. This new high-tech enterprise is a powerful stimulative force in FETL's transition into the new century, and it provides a new model for growth as well.
  • Permission was received in July from the Investment Commission,Ministry of Economic Affairs for a joint investment of US$30 million by FETL and its wholly-owned subsidiary Yuan Ding Investment Corp. in the establishment of a holding company in a third area to establish Far Eastern Industries (Shanghai) Ltd. for the production and sale of polyester yarn, polyester filament, and other chemical fiber products.
  • The first domestic convertible corporate bonds were issued in July, in the amount of NT$1.5 billion and with a face interest rate of 0%. The holders of these bonds can choose to exchange them for shares in two Far Eastern Group companies, Far Eastern Department Stores or U-Ming Marine Transport Corp.
  • DuPont-Far Eastern Co. Ltd. was established in cooperation with DuPont of the United States, with a projected investment of US$100 million in the production of high-tech nylon 66.
  • A contract was signed with ICI for the establishment of ICI Far Eastern Ltd. to construct a PTA plant at Kuanyin in Taoyuan County.
  • The Yilan and Panchiao plants of the Apparel Division, and the Neili and Hukou plants of the Textile Division, won ISO-9002 certification.
  • The Hsinpu Synthetic Fiber Plant of the Fiber Division passed evaluation by the DNVI company to become the first chemical fiber plant in Taiwan to win ISO-9001 certification.
  • Completion of the various elements of the Taipei Metro Complex began in October and the headquarters of FETL as well as of Asia Cement and other related enterprises moved into the complex on Oct. 16 and 17,making this the locus of the Far Eastern Group.
  • Permission was received to carry out the first issuance of overseas corporate bonds in the amount of US$50 million. The bonds were fully subscribed in October that year.
  • Convertible bonds were issued in the amount of NT$1.5 billion and carrying an interest rate of 4.25%. These were the first convertible bonds to be issued in Taiwan.
  • To strengthen the development of uses for polyester long-fiber cloth, a joint investment of NT$1 billion was made together with Hong Ho Precision Textile Co. in the establishment of Everest Textile Co. to produce fine woven fabrics as a means of heightening the added value of FETL products.
  • A joint investment of NT$360 million was made together with Canada's London Life Insurance Co., Global Investment Holding Co., Chiao Tung Bank, and Central Investment Holding Co. in the establishment of China Investment Development Co. to engage in high-tech, real estate,and natural resources investment.
  • In line with the government's environmental protection policy, an investment was made jointly with the Shin Kong Group to establish the Taiwan Resources Recycling Co. to engage in the recycling and handling of wastes.
  • The Hukou textile factory was developed, and yarn and fabric plants were constructed there.
  • Ground-breaking for the Taipei Metro Complex took place in August;these mixed-use towers, with 41 stories above ground and five below,contain offices, a shopping center, and a tourist hotel.
  • A joint investment of NT$1 billion was carried out with Card Freudenberg of Germany and Vilene of Japan in the establishment of Freudenberg Far Eastern Spunweb Co. to engage in the production of non-woven industrial fabrics and related high-tech polyester fiber products.
  • Production technology was acquired from L'Air Liquide International of France and a joint investment of NT$230 million was made in the establishment of Liquid Air Far East Ltd. to produce nitrogen and other industrial gases.
  • To boost FETL's share of the Southeast Asian market for PET bottles,joint investments were carried out in October with Hong Kong and Thai companies for the establishment of P.E.T. Packaging (HK) Ltd. and P.E.T. (Thailand) Co., respectively.
  • Permission was received to merge Orient Chemical Fiber into FETL and establish the Eastman Division, which in July the following year was merged into the Textile Division.
  • A textile plant belonging to the former Jung Lung Textile was acquired and renamed the Taishan Textile Plant.
  • The Chungchou textile plant at Kuanyin in Taoyuan County was purchased and renamed the Kuanyin Textile Factory.
  • Permission was received to acquire and merge Orient Chemical Fiber and establish a chemical fiber plant.
  • The Yilan apparel plant was built.
  • The Panchiao textile factory of Taiwan Textile and the Neili textile plant of Yunghsing Industries were procured and added as FETL's Panchiao and Neili textile plants.
  • A new spinning plant was built at Hsinpu to produce polyethylene and acrylic fiber.
  • A new garment factory was constructed at Hsinpu.
  • Permission for stock market listing was received in April.
  • The headquarters was moved to Paoching Rd. in Taipei in July.
  • The third synthetic fiber textile plant was established, completing the vertical integration of FETL's processes from spinning to weaving,dyeing and finishing, and apparel production.
  • The second textile plant was established to supply yarn for FETL's own needs.
  • Cotton and chemical fiber facilities were installed in response to the needs of society and the synthetic fiber industry.
  • An advanced apparel plant was established.
  • Cotton and chemical fiber facilities were installed in response to the needs of society and the synthetic fiber industry.
  • Far Eastern Knitting and Taiwan Far Eastern Textile were merged to form Far Eastern Textile Ltd., which was located on Yungsui Rd. in Taipei.
  • The name of the company was changed to Far Eastern Knitting Co., Ltd.;at the same time, the Taiwan Far Eastern Textile Co., Ltd. was set up in Panchiao for the purpose of establishing a weaving mill.
  • Far Eastern moved to Taiwan and installed its knitting factory in the Taipei suburb of Panchiao, where it continued producing and marketing knitted products.
  • Yu-Ziang Hsu founded Far Eastern Knitting Factory Co., Ltd. in Shanghai to produce "Skyscraper"-brand underwear for sale throughout the world.

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